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Money-Back Guarantee

If you implement EVERYTHING I show you, and don't see any changes in your knowledge or your business, you'll get an instant refund!

Secure Processing

Each order is processed through a secure, 256-bit encrypted payment processing gateway to ensure your privacy.
What's Included:
  •  Complete Video Course:  Lifetime access to constantly updated step by step video courses that cover absolutely everything you need to know about this business model. You can login to watch the videos at any time, from anywhere you wish. Once you're done with these videos, you'll be able to master ecommerce.
  •  One-to-One Personal Mentorship:  You'll have the ability to talk to me all day everyday as we both work together on your store, scaling it up to thousands per day. I’ll be taking your hand and teaching you everything there is to know about this business.
  •  15 Proven Winning Products:  A list of 15 proven winning products that have generated over $15 million in revenue. You are free to import these directly into your store, along with the images and descriptions. 
  •  Live Q/A Access:  Access to weekly live Q&A's ran by myself and other successful entrepreneurs. These Q/A's will be absolutely filled with knowledge that no other entrepreneur would ever share.
  •  Access To A Successful Shopify Store:  Need some inspiration on how to create your store?  No worries! I'll give you access to an extremely successful shopify store that generates thousands of sales on a daily basis.
  •  Instant Download Of My Exact Shopify Theme:  A free instant download of the exact Shopify theme that I use for my multi 6 and 7 figure stores. This theme is usually worth $200 and it's the most optimised, high converting theme out there.
  • Hard Copy Of 'Rich Dad Poor Dad':  As soon as you enroll into the program, I will personally send you a hard copy of the book that changed my life.
  •  First Month Of Shopify FREE:  I will personally pay for your first month of Shopify. This means that you get 6 weeks before you have to pay anything! During that 6 weeks, you can easily create a 7 figure brand with my help.
Price Will Increase To $4999 Once Timer Hits Zero
Our students are happy, they are achieving success and changing their lives:
Frequently Asked Questions
Have a question about the program? If you still can't locate the answer, please contact us using the email at the top of this page
I know nothing about Ecommerce or Facebook Ads, is this for me?
Of course! You do not need to have any experience selling online or any technical skills for that matter. The program is laid out in an easy to follow, step-by-step format that covers everything in great detail no matter what experience you have. By going through the course, you will go from a complete 
         beginner to a professional marketing ninja.            
I can't afford this program, what can I do?
         If you can't afford the program then you are someone who needs the program. Knowledge is power and investing in yourself is one of the most important things you can do in life. Shift your mind from "I can't afford this" to "How can I afford this? There are many ways you can finance this program such as interest free credit cards, PayPal financing, borrowing money from friends and family or even selling something. When you successfully implement the program, the return on investment on this will outweigh any of the upfront costs. 
How long will it take me to see results from this program?
        That is purely down to how fast you go through the course and take action. Some people start making there first $50,000+ within the same month they start, others like to take their time and work through things a little slower so it takes longer. The important thing is that you take action on the information you learn. 
I work a full time job, how much time will I need to dedicate?
          I started my first Ecommerce store when I was working a full time 9 to 5 job. I would come home, eat, rest for a bit then work on my business for the rest of the evening. If you can dedicate 3-5 hours per week then you will be able to work through the program. If you truly believe you are destined for better things in life then you will find the time to dedicate. There is no such thing as 'too busy' when it comes to working towards your dreams. Remember, this program can be accessed anywhere, anytime. So you can watch it on your daily commute, on work breaks, or anywhere in the world in your own time. 
Is this program going to be open forever?
       No, I only have limited spaces as I can only work with a certain number of people. If you want to enroll but you are busy so you’re putting it off, I strongly suggest that you join as soon as possible because there are no guarantees that this program will be open by the time you’re ready to join. There’s also nothing stopping you from signing up to the program and only working a little bit at a time because once you're in, you're in for life. Remember, the sooner you join, the sooner you’ll start earning money!

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